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I hope that the Scout is intuitive and easy to use, but i know it better ;-). This will work in version 0.4.0 and later:

Create a layer with nodes of a OsmDump

1. get a dump of the OpenStreetMap database from for example. The filesize is important! I testet with 400MB unzipped dump files. And it took time to import in memory ( ~ 1 min ) ...
2. import the dump into the Scout:
  • right mouse click into the map
  • in the context popup menu select "import osm dump": you can select you *.osm dump file
  • wait till finish message box appears
3. add a new relation layer with the data of the dump
  • right mouse click into the map and select "add new osm relation layer"
  • select the data source -> in this case the imported dump and no filter
  • in the selection dialog select you relation ~~ track
  • search and see the result:
4. add a new filtered layer with the data of the dump Scout-Dump-filteredLayer-Text2lines.jpg

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