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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "tile", "relation" and so on mean?

This terms are used, when working with the OpenStreetMap. You can find them in the Wiki In short:
  • osm = OpenStreetMap
  • tile = part of the map image with special name and size (now 256x256)
  • osm database = the OpenStreetMap is mainly a database with objects
  • renderer = paints the data to create a map
  • Mapnik = the main osm renderer
  • node = the basic object of the osm data
  • way = two or more nodes build a way; used to define simple streets in a town
  • relation = two or more way build a relation; used to define tram lines, autobahn or hiking and cyling tracks

How can a show my own rendered map as background

At the moment this is not directly supported, but with a trick you can misuse the cache mechanism.
  • the downloaded data is cached in the temp directiory (on vista C:\Users\XY\AppData\Local\Temp\OsmScoutTileCache). If you select the Mapnik tiles, than add "OpenStreetMap MAPNIK\cache" to the path; after that the zoom level, the x tile number. The tile image itself has the name y tile number and the extension png: Here is a example:
C:\Users\XY\AppData\Local\Temp\OsmScoutTileCache\OpenStreetMap MAPNIK\cache\17\68741\42637.png
  • copy your own image(s) with this name(s) into the directoy.
  • start the scout ( if the scout finds the images, it will not download them again. -> So the Scout shows your map )
  • DON'T press "delete map cache" in the settings menu ;-)

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